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Got mold? Don't stress. We got you. 

We can typically get to our customers within 1 or 2 business days so you can relax and get back to life sooner than later.

What are your options?

We're here to help! We want you to be informed. 
If you have mold you generally have these options:

Image by Oxana Melis


  • New construction in affected area​

  • Expensive

  • Takes a long time

  • Can spread mold spores

Image by Kelly Sikkema


  • Quick & Easy

  • Ineffective
  • Spreads Spores
Image by Tom Barrett


  • Effective?

  • No demolition

  • Toxic
  • Must leave house for multiple days
  • Effectiveness is debated
Image by Michal Balog


  • New Home

  • Expensive

  • If mold growth is bad enough, spores will move with you

Dry Fog Spray.PNG

Dry Vapor

  • Quick and Easy

  • Effective

  • Less Expensive

  • Non-Toxic

  • Prevents future growth

  • None

What is Dry Vapor and why is it so important? 

Other companies may use a fog to treat mold, maybe even similar chemicals.

The difference is in our patented two-step process.

The particles we inject in homes are so small they bounce off of surfaces instead of sticking and creating moisture. 

Image depicting a cloud that has very small particles that bounce off surfaces

Our Dry Vapor

Our patented process breaks down the particles much smaller than traditional sprayers or handheld fogging equipment.

This gives us a number of unique benefits: 

Image depicting a fog that has larger particles that stick to surfaces and create a wet puddle.

Traditional Wet Fog

1 (1).png

Particles are half the size of mold spores.

Anywhere mold can get, we can get.

2 (2).png

Our chemicals stay airborne longer and are able to get more of the mold.


Since it is so effective we are able to use a lower concentration of the chemicals in your home.


Treatment is safe for artwork, electronics, and home furnishings.

What is Our Process?

Crosshairs for aiming

 Step 1: Target Existing Mold

When you have mold growth the problem doesn't stay in one place but goes airborne and gets everywhere. The only way to create a healthy home or workplace environment is to treat everything and everywhere in your home or business. 

By filling each room with dry vapor we push the small particles into every nook and cranny a mold spore can fit. This ensures the highest level of effectiveness. 

Large room filled with a fog. Lights are on and it is difficult to see more than a few feet.

 Step 2: Prevent Future Growth

Mold spores will always be around. We will denature the ones currently in your home, but the next time you open a door or window they will try to intrude. We would be irresponsible if we didn't have something to protect you post remediation.

Part two of our treatment includes an anti-microbial layer on all surfaces. As soon as a mold spore lands on your walls, floor, cabinets, etc. it will be rendered inert so you can continue to maintain a healthy home or workplace environment.

Mold Test Example 

To demonstrate the effectiveness of our treatment, the following tape samples were taken before, during, and after a treatment:

Before Treatment

Before test of mold spores. About 40% of the image is black spots.

5 Minutes Into Treatment

Mold test 5 minutes into treatment. bout 20% of the image is black spots

1 Hour Into Treatment

Mold test after 1 hour. Less than 5% of the image is black spots
Mold test after treatment. There are almost no black spots

 After Treatment

Want to understand the science behind it? Here you go: How It Works

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