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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I've been down the mold rabbit hole Online. What should I believe?
    Well Bugs Bunny, understand that there is a lot of misinformation about mold on the World Wide Web. A LOT. Extreme ends of the advice-spectrum include “burn your house down and run” to “douse everything in Bleach”. NO. And. NO. If you ask 10 people about mold you will likely get 10 different answers. While we don’t claim to know everything, we know how to effectively kill mold and create healthy homes.
  • If this process is so great then why haven't I heard of it before?
    It's okay. We forgive you. If you haven't heard about us then maybe you haven't been in a situation where mold remediation was necessary. Pure Maintenance is an internationally renowned mold remediation company. We began in 2008 and have since grown significantly. Millions of square feet of residential and commercial properties have been serviced by Pure Maintenance.
  • Is our products safe?
    Absolutely! We are chest-pounding proud that our commercial sterilant is nontoxic and considered a “green” product. Our products are not harmful to furniture, food, electronics, or artwork. What a relief, huh? People and pets are asked to vacate the property while we are working due to the acidic nature of the sterilant. Potency dissipates soon after we finish and occupants can return. Most jobs take us about 3 hours to complete.
  • What do I need to do BEFORE treatment?
    1. Open cabinets, drawers, and totes to maximize treatment exposure to the contents within. 2. Disable smoke detectors or call your alarm company to put them on "test mode" for the duration of our treatment. This especially applies to commercial properties. We love and honor firefighters but they don't need to come out unnecessarily on our behalf as our dry vapor may set off the smoke alarm. 3. Wipe down dusty areas to help create a better coverage area for EverPure (the 2nd application). 4. Have new HVAC filters available for the technician who will treat and install them after remediation. 5. Have payment arrangements ready for the technician's arrival. 6. Hug your family, it just sounds nice.
  • What do I need to do AFTER treatment?
    Enjoy the fruits of our labor. Breathe in quality air that was once tainted by mold toxins. But you were probably asking about possible residue clean up weren't you? Our process leaves no reside so no post clean up from us is necessary. There may be a faint vinegar smell but that typically dissipates pretty quickly once we are finished. The main thing after treatment is being diligent about keeping a dry home, regularly changing air filters, and maintaining cleanliness to minimize sources of food for mold.
  • How long will the treatment keep my home healthy from mold?
    Our process is a long-term solution for mold in residential and commercial properties. We understand the fast and wide-spreading nature of mold spores which is why we do not spot-treat. When we treat homes we treat all of the living areas; a whole home treatment including the HVAC ductwork. As long as moisture and water problems are resolved and remain in check, your home will remain healthy from mold.
  • Can Pure Maintenance Arizona test our home for mold?
    We perform Air Quality Tests on all projects post remediation. We extract samples about every 1000 Sq. Ft of living space then overnight the samples to a third-party lab. Within a week we will be able to show you the results.
  • Does Pure Maintenance Arizona offer any guarantee or warranty?
    YES! We like you and want to give you peace of mind. Our guarantee is creating a healthy home from mold. We extract air samples post remediation and send to a 3rd party lab to confirm. We also warranty our work on all residential properties.
  • Do you offer home repairs and renovations as well?
    We are pretty handy. BUT; all we do is whole home and workplace treatments killing mold. This can typically be done in about 3 hours which is why we can get to our customers so quickly. We are not confined to projects for multiple days running back and forth to home improvement stores. Not that there's anything wrong with that. That's just not how we roll. On a side note, we often recommend mold remediation BEFORE remodeling efforts because mold often gets agitated when you try to beautify your home. While this does not pose an issue for us, agitating mold during renovations could make workers or residents sick. Let us be the agitating and annoying ones. We've earned plenty of 5-star ratings for being annoying... annoying to mold.
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