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One of a Kind Process

Technician applying fog treatment to a building
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Powered by Pure Maintenance technology, Pure Maintenance of Arizona uses a unique process to remove mold, bacteria, and viruses from your home.

We fill your entire home (or crawlspace, attic, garage, etc), and kill all the mold growing on surfaces and floating around in the air. Then we leave a barrier that prevents future mold growth.


Proven to Work

Below are tape samples of mold taken before, during, and after a treatment.

When viewed under a microscope you can see the mold spores are completely destroyed.

Microscopic image of many mold spores, taken before treatment


Treatment Begins

Microscopic image with less than half the mold spores as the before image. 5 minutes into treatment

5 Minutes Into Treatment

Microscopic image with 10% of the mold spores compared to the before image. 1 hour into treatment

1 Hour Into Treatment

Microscopic image taken after treatment is completed. Only fragments of mold spores remain.

After Treatment Is Completed

Effectiveness Verified by the US Army.

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Reviews from our customers...

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Not months, weeks, or even days. Treatment takes only a few hours so you can get back to regular life.

A typical 2,000 square foot home takes less than five hours. Air tests taken immediately following treatment will show a significant decrease in mold spore counts.

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More Effective

Our unique technology fills the entire space to eliminate spores on surfaces, in the air, and inside fabrics. 

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When mold grows it doesn't stay put. Spores travel throughout your entire home and can affect everyone. Our patented process treats your entire home with a dry fog that kills the mold everywhere.

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Less Expensive

No demolition means no expensive contractors  

This no demolition option means your existing structure remains intact. Dry fog treatments are 15-25% the cost of traditional remediation processes. And we treat your entire home.

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You'll be protected by our   guarantee in writing and our mold-free warranty in writing.

Our treatment includes an anti-microbial barrier to help keep your home mold and bacteria free. If there is no additional water intrusion our prorated lifetime warranty stays with the home.  

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